Global G.A.P connects the farmer and the consumer

Global GAP

This global organization establishes voluntary norms in order to certify good agricultural practices and thus facilitate access to international markets. Currently, 140.000 producers have this certification. CropLife Latin America is a Global GAP member since August 2014. 


Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture


The main goal of this alliance is to promote good agricultural practices and the implementation of new technologies to advance towards sustainable and productive agriculture. This has been achieved through joint events, workshops and conferences.


Zero Carbon


Cero Carbono

CropLife Latin America and its 26 national associations support multiple projects in the Latinamerican forests - conservation and reforestation - compensating for our environmental footprint.



2020logo lacandon 50

Lacandón, Bosques para la Vida, is located in the Sierra National Park, in northern Guatemala. The project aims to reduce deforestation, conserve biodiversity, and strengthen the development of local communities, who are involved in caring for the area. The project started in 2012, and since then it has benefited more than 179 families, has more than 53,000 hectares conserved and 870 protected species.



Logo BAMBosques Amazónicos BAM, protects 500.000 hectares through a surveillance system that allows to detect early on any risks of deforestation. It also provides work and development opportunities to local communities.




This project, lead by Anthrotect, protects 13.465 hectares of rainforest and benfits more than 414 families. This was the first project in the world to receive carbon credits to protect community-owned forests. 


Farmers First


El Agricultor Primero Nuevo Logo3

The Farmers First (El Agricultor Primero) is a digital activism initiative that vindicates and promotes the role of farmers in Latin America as suppliers of food in the cities. Through information and pedagogy, awareness is raised about the work of farmers and the value of agriculture as a complex socio-economic activity.


ABC Plaguicidas

ABC plaguicidas offers informative content on the control of pests that threaten crops and cities. Urban myths about pesticides, phytosanitary products or agrochemicals are demystified with a close language.